DCユニバース あらすじ


Crisis on Infinite Earths
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day
Outsiders vol.1: Looking for Trouble
Teen Titans vol.1: A Kid's Game
Superman/Batman vol.1: Public Enemies
Batman: Broken City
Robin: Unmasked!
Batman: War Drums
Superman/Batman vol.2: Supergirl
Batman: As the Crow Flies
Batman: War Games Act 1
Batman: War Games Act 2
Batman: War Games Act 3
Identity Crisis
Manhunter vol.1: Street Justice
Superman/Batman vol.3: Absolute Power
Teen Titans vol.4: the Future is Now
Outsiders vol.3: Wanted
Green Lantern: Rebirth
Batman: Under the Hood vol.1
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Day of Vengeance
Rann/Thanagar War
Villains United
Teen Titans/Outsiders: the Insiders
the OMAC Project
Superman: Sacrifice
JLA vol.18: Crisis of Conscience
Superman: Ruin Revealed


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